Lemon tart

A Zingy, fresh, delicious and easy tart to keep the summer vibes going. Using "ready to fill" pastry cases help reduce time needed in the kitchen and because they taste like they're homemade, its easy to pass them off as your own!  This lemon filling is light and refreshing on hot summer days.

For the lemon filling


2 x Pidy Sweet Tartlet 28cm

250g Leonce Blanc Lemon Fruit Puree

250g caster sugar

500g double cream

8 eggs


Boil the lemon puree, cream and sugar and leave to cool.

Once cooled whisk the eggs into the lemon mix and pass through a fine sieve.

Pour the mixture into the pastry case.

Cook at 100c until set.

Leave to cool before garnishing.

Serving Suggestion

Garnish with fresh mint and raspberries.

This recipe creates two large tarts that could serve 20 generous portions.

A light, refreshing dessert