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White chocolate and strawberry mousse

White chocolate and strawberry mousse

A beautiful delicate flavour of fresh strawberries and white chocolate - perfect for summer entertaining!

White chocolate and strawberry mousse


125g milk
20g Sosa strawberry paste
25g Sosa promousse
8g Sosa instangel
135g Belcolade white chocolate (melted)
210g whipped cream


Blend together the milk, Strawberry Paste, Promousse and Instangel for a couple of minutes, add the melted white chocolate.

Fold through the whipped cream and place in a piping bag.

Yoghurt burst


150g natural yoghurt
50g stock syrup


Use the stock syrup to let down the yoghurt to a more liquid consistency.

Using a squeezy bottle and a spherification spoon (spherification kit) drop the mixture into the alginate bath and leave for 1 minute, remove the sphere from the solution and place into a bowl of clean water. (alginate bath – 5g Sosa Alginate and 1 litre water).

Yoghurt siphon sponge


30g Sosa yoghurt powder
300g pasteurised egg whites
60g ground almonds
70g caster sugar
25g plain flour


Blitz all the ingredients in a Thermomix on full speed, once blitzed pass through a super bag and into the gun and add two gas charges then chill for two hours.

Microwave for 40 seconds in plastic cups with three slits in the bottom, then cool upside down.



Pipe the mousse into the bottom of the pastry cases.

Place a layer of finely sliced strawberries on top and finish with yoghurt bursts and pieces of yoghurt siphon sponge.

You can add an extra shine to your finish with a layer of clear strawberry infused jelly (250g of water infused with strawberries, 50g of sugar, 12g Vegetal Setting Powder – mix all the ingredients together and bring to the boil, once boiling brush/pour gently over the strawberries).

Top tip:  Spray your cases with coloured cocoa butter to create a visual masterpiece.


For more recipes download our pastry collection magazine 

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