Milc chocolate banana fritters

Smooth, sweet & delicious Milc Chocolate drizzled over the crunchy texture of the Vegan friendly banana fritters make a brilliant on the go treat.

For the Vegan friendly batter

100g Plain flour
250g Water
30g Sosa Protempura
35g Caster sugar


Whisk all ingredients together and then let them sit for 10 minutes.

Chop bananas to desired size and freeze to help ensure banana doesn’t go too soft.

Then dust in flour to ensure the batter sticks.

Give the batter a good mix before using.

Once floured completely coat banana pieces in the batter and deep fry in 200c oil until a nice golden brown is achieved

For the Banana caramel

200g Sugar 
100g Leonce Blanc Banana Fruit puree (warmed)


Caramalise the sugar, once a golden brown colour has been reached, add in the warmed banana puree slowly constantly mixing until fully incorporated, then chill.

To serve

Lashings of melted Chocolat Madagascar Milc Chocolate and Banana Caramel.
Sosa Popping Candy
Sosa Banana Crispies

We've kept it simple, but you can add as many treats as you wish.


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