Turkey with cranberry bubbles

Surprise your guests this festive season and change up your traditional Christmas dinner by introducing some amazing flavours and textures.

Prep time 12 hours plus 1 hour | Cook time 30 minutes



Turkey crown supreme 200g 


Cook the turkey for 1 hours 30 minutes at 65°c sous vide, then chargrill to finish. Keep warm.

Dried cranberries


Dried cranberries

100g granulated sugar

50g water

Caster sugar for rolling


Boil the granulated sugar and water then toss the dried cranberries around until fully coated in the syrup.

Tip onto a roasting tray with parchment and dry for a further hour in a low oven or dehydrator.

Toss in the caster sugar to give a frosted look.

Bread sauce crisps


100g leftover sourdough bread (crusts removed)

100ml whole milk

1 tspn Essential Cuisine savoury stock

1g ground mixed spice

Sosa Maltosec



Place all the ingredients in a food processor and mix to a firm paste.

Spread onto baking parchment and dry overnight in a dehydrator until it has turned to a biscuit, break into shards.

Cranberry bubbles


500ml cranberry juice

5g Sosa Albuwhip

1g Sosa Gelespessa

75g golden syrup



Mix together with a hand blender and using an electric air pump, make the large bubbles.



100ml Essential Cuisine chicken glace

100ml Essential Cuisine veal stock

5g Sosa Gelespessa



Bring the three ingredients together with a hand blender then bring to the boil to thicken.


Place your desired green on the plate, carve the turkey into thick slices and place on top. Sprinkle the dried cranberry's around and then add sauce and finally the bubbles.


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