Inclusions & decorations > Nuts

Roasted and blanched hazelnuts
Roasted hazelnut grains
Pecan nut halves
Raw pistachio nut kernels
Blanched almonds
Hazelnuts with skins on
Californian almonds with skins on
Cashew nuts
Sunflower seeds
Ground hazelnuts
Nibbed almonds
Pumpkin seeds
Medium Brazil nuts
Crispy roasted peanut pieces
Hazelnut crocanti piecesSosa hazelnut crocanti pieces ingredient
Extra green Iranian pistachio nuts
Brown linseeds (flaxseed)
Caramelised grainy almond piecesSosa caramelised grainy almond pieces ingredient
Chia seeds
Pine nut kernels
Pieces and halves of macadamia nuts
White quinoa
Light amber colour walnut halves
Black quinoa
Caramelised pecan nutsSosa caramelised pecan nuts ingredient
Blue poppy seeds

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