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Irca embodies Italy's love of food. Founded in 1919 by the Nobili family, Irca is driven by a mission to make great food, easy. Buon appetito!

Irca make all their products with clean and renewable energy, through the use of solar panels on the top of the roofs of the factories and other green certified energy sources. Along with being eco-friendly, all Joygelato products are completely traceable. This is done through recording the raw material batch numbers, suppliers, process parameters, analytical checks and data relating to every delivery. With the correct selection and control process Joygelato can also guarantee they are GMO free.

Many of Irca’s products are gluten and nut free. They also cater to specific dietary requirements such as, vegetarian and vegan.

Discover some of our fantastic recipes using Irca's delicious products.

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