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Best dressed

Best dressed

When you’re thinking about making a salad, it’s unlikely you’d seek inspiration from your hot beverages counter – but it’s actually a pretty good place to head.

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate can all be used to create innovative, and delicious, salad dressings to transform your plates of food. 

Royal Standard

This earl grey crusted scallop, smoked & fresh salmon tartar and fennel salad are finished beautifully with a drizzling of earl grey honey dressing.

To make the dressing


50ml water at 90°C

15g Dilmah earl grey tea

50ml olive oil

20g honey (to taste as honey is different per country. The aim is to cut the bitterness while preserving the flavours of the earl grey) 

2ml soy sauce

30ml lemon juice


Steep the loose tea in the boiling water for 8 minutes 

Strain and whisk together with the honey, soy sauce, and lemon juice, add the oil last. 

Do not add salt or pepper. 

Chocolate orange

This tasty cocoa-based vinaigrette by deZaan complements a fresh bittersweet salad containing fennel, hazelnuts, beets and greens perfectly. 


100ml juice of orange & blood orange (can be ½ of each or just full quantity of one) 

10g deZaan crimson red cocoa powder

25ml olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

5g brown sugar


In a bowl add the orange juice and cocoa powder. Mix until thoroughly combined. 

Add sugar, mix until well combined. 

Add salt and pepper, mix until well combined. 

Stream in the olive oil while mixing to create a velvety vinaigrette texture. Set aside until ready to use. 

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Expresso salad

Make sure your salad is ‘full of beans’ with this caffeine-based dressing. 


15ml red wine vinegar

5ml honey

5ml espresso

80ml olive oil


Whisk together the red wine vinegar, honey and espresso in a bowl.

Gradually add in the olive oil, then season. 

Serve over a salad of grilled vegetables. 

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