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Reach for the chai

Reach for the chai

Consumers are increasingly seeking out additional health benefits in their brews, so it’s no surprise that chai tea has risen in popularity by 93.8% in recent years.

Hailed for boosting heart health, reducing blood sugar levels, aiding digestion and giving a helping hand in weight loss, it’s a speciality tea packed with natural goodness. 

Chais have been savoured as tonics and delicious comforters for centuries, brewed to recipes that have been crafted and passed on through families for generations.

Chai – or masala chai - is ubiquitous in Asia and can be taken hot, chilled, infused with herbs, spices, rum, cognac or gin. It is always served with frothy milk. 

“There is nothing quite like chai. It is a comforting glass of deliciousness that has revitalised and relaxed Asians for generations. The word refers simply to tea, but, in reality, involves a myriad flavours, textures, aromas and traditions.” -  Dilmah founder Merrill J. Fernando 

Gin & Italian almond chai


250ml Dilmah Italian almond tea

25ml gin

40ml condensed milk

15g lemongrass


In 250ml of boiling water brew 6g of Dilmah italian almond tea for 5 minutes.

 Stir and strain the tea leaves.

Pour the tea, gin and condensed milk into a mug and froth the chai by pulling it, afterwards add lemongrass.

Put the chai into the microwave for 8-10 seconds and again, froth the chai and pour it into a glass.

Next pour 25ml gin into the chai mug and light the gin and let it burn while frothing, afterwards pour the gin into the chai with the flames.

Iced Caribbean chai 

Ceylon ginger tea, condensed milk and a hint of Creole served over ice become a chai on the beach. A fair measure of light rum once in a while is a nice variation on this drink. 


160ml Dilmah natural Ceylon ginger tea (5 minute brew) 

pinch of ground nutmeg 

pinch of ground cayenne pepper 

pinch of ground cinnamon 

60ml condensed milk 

zest of lime 

zest of orange 

dried pineapple


Add the ground spices to a teapot and brew the tea for 5 minutes.

Strain the tea.

Add the condensed milk and air the chai.

Spray the glass with the orange zest.

Pour into an ice-filled tiki glass and garnish with lime zest and dried pineapple.

Breakfast chai 

Breakfast in a cup!


160ml Dilmah brilliant breakfast tea (5 minute brew) 

80ml full cream milk (warm) 

1tsp lemon curd 

1tsp orange marmalade 

1tsp honey 

pinch of ground aniseed 

pinch of white pepper 

pinch of cinnamon 


Add the spices to a teapot and brew the tea for 5 minutes.

Strain the tea.

Sweeten the tea with the curd, the marmalade and the honey.

Add the milk and air the chai. 

Pour into a teacup. 

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