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Caramel sparkle doughnuts

Caramel sparkle doughnuts

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These delectable doughnuts are a symphony of sweet flavours, boasting a luscious caramel flavour that harmonises perfectly with the irresistible golden belle sparkle dust on top, from our Rainbow Dust range.


6 pre-made ball doughnuts

400g baking caramel

30ml milk

Irca milk chocolate covered cereal beads

Rainbow Dust golden belle sparkle dust


Create a hole (on the side in the middle) in the doughnut using the handle end of a spoon.

Open the baking caramel, warm in the microwave and pour into a bowl. Make sure the caramel is warmed to a runny consistency, as this will make it easier for dunking.

Add 30ml of milk to the warmed caramel and stir.

Pipe the caramel into the holes you have created in each doughnut to fill them, being careful not to overfill (approx. 20g of fill in each doughnut, equal to approx. 45 seconds).

If there is any caramel left in the piping bag, put it back into the bowl.

Take each doughnut and dunk into the warm caramel one by one.

Leave to set for 40 minutes.

Apply the milk chocolate covered cereal beads and spray the doughnuts with Rainbow Dust golden belle sparkle dust to finish.

Recipe courtesy of Rainbow Dust

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