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Cesarin - a fruity new addition to Henley Bridge

Cesarin - a fruity new addition to Henley Bridge

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Candy crush

We are thrilled to introduce a fruity new addition to our expanding range of products - welcome Cesarin! This candied fruit supplier brings a colourful variety of fruits in a selection of formats to our product line up.


Established in 1920, the esteemed Italian company manufactures an impressive selection of candied fruits: whole fruits and pieces. This healthy range of products from fresh, raw materials are the ideal addition to your culinary creations. From delicious bakes to flavourful ice cream, these fruit pieces add that little something extra to elevate your dishes.

All natural fruit pieces

Using only manually selected fruit, this newly selected range features 19 additions - all free from flavourings and colourings, and prepared in a variety of formats. From candied fruits, such as angelica and red cherries to whole fruits, granules and cubes, there's a wide selection to choose from - see the whole Cesarin range here

Fruit pieces in chunk and powder form.

Our managing director, Tracey Hughes, has said: “Cesarin is a really versatile product range which is suitable for a wealth of applications. From muffins to pastries, semifreddo to gelato, it adds a premium burst of fruity flavour and ‘bite’ to your creations.”

Browse the full collection of Cesarin products to explore our range.

Chocolate slabs with dried fruit on top.

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