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Rainbow Dust - a colourful new range lands at Henley Bridge

Rainbow Dust - a colourful new range lands at Henley Bridge

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Over the rainbow

Joining the Rainbow Dust revolution, we are excited to welcome a vibrant new range of food colourings and glitters to our expanding product listing. 

The Rainbow Dust revolution

With a splash of colour and a spritz of glitter, the Rainbow Dust line up are masters in making the ordinary, extraordinary. Ideal for bakers and confectioners alike, the Rainbow Dust revolution is in full swing and we couldn't be happier to be a part of the journey. 

Rainbow coloured cakes

A colourful new range

The additional range brings 40 new products to our portfolio, including ProGels in 20 vibrant colours, edible lustre in metallic varieties, alongside powder colourings and sparkle sprays

Tracey Hughes, managing director of Henley Bridge, said: “Rainbow Dust is a fabulous range and the perfect addition to our constantly growing stable of brands aimed at professional cake makers and pastry chefs.”

Golden Belle sparkle spray and glittery cupcake

Get started..

To get inspired by the Rainbow Dust range, explore the line up or try a few colourful recipes, from moreish mango doughnuts, sparkly caramel crispy bites and gorgeous ganache truffles

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