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CasaLuker announces rebrand to Luker Chocolate

CasaLuker announces rebrand to Luker Chocolate

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Exceptional and sustainable single-origin chocolate

CasaLuker, the family-run Colombian chocolate manufacturer brings 110 years of chocolate expertise with its B2B business Luker Chocolate, that offers outstanding quality, single-origin chocolate to more than 40 countries around the world.

Luker Chocolate products

High quality cacao fino de aroma chocolate

Through the careful cultivation and selection of cocoa beans of the highest quality, combined with the expertise passed down through generations, Luker Chocolate produce a superior taste and unparalleled flavour by using their single-origin cacao fino de aroma. All this while integrating the entire value chain from the first seed to final product, Luker Chocolate carefully tend to every step of the process and every person involved. 

B corp status

The unwavering dedication that Luker Chocolate has shown towards social and environmental responsibility has not gone unnoticed, with the Colombian company meeting the stringent 'Impact assessment criteria' to achieve B Corp certification. The company has woven itself into the very fabric of sustainable development with its sustainability plan, The Chocolate Dream, and with its three-pronged approach, aiming to increase farmer's income, improve social wellbeing and nurture the environment, particularly in rural Colombian communities.  

The future is Luker

While already a beacon of excellence in the world of fine chocolate manufacturing, Luker Chocolate moves forwards with a healthy reputation for tradition and experience, while staying true to their roots. 

Luker Chocolate farmer

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