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Norte Eurocao joins Henley Bridge

Norte Eurocao joins Henley Bridge

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To kick off 2024 we’re shaking things up with a brand-new chocolate collection to further support customers who are feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis and surging transport tariffs. Say hello to the Norte Eurocao range… 

These mouth-watering chocolate drops are not only price-competitive but also great quality. They're 15-20%  more cost-effective than other brands for a generous 5kg pack. An affordable price without compromising on taste!

The Flavours 

Let's dive into these flavours - we've got something for everyone:

Wengue Extra Dark chocolate (70% couverture) extra bitter with an intense dark colour

Haya Dark chocolate (60% couverture) a well rounded dark chocolatey flavour

Miravet White chocolate (30% couverture) an intense milky chocolate with notes of vanilla

Norte's specialty 

What makes the Norte Eurocao special is that all chocolates in the collection are Rainforest Alliance certified, catering to kosher and halal diets. Being Rainforest Alliance certified shows their commitment to being fair and sustainable chocolate producers. 

Using sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier instead of soya also makes the range suitable for those with soya allergies.

David Cratchley, Henley Bridge's Purchasing and New Product Development  Manager, spoke on why we’ve launched this new and exciting range. “The cocoa market is currently at a 30-year high, so we’ve introduced this new range as a price-fighting alternative. The consumer's voice has changed, and people aren’t necessarily worrying about the provenance of chocolate - they’re more concerned with saving money. The Norte Eurocao range is produced in Spain, where production costs are cheaper than in Belgium, but the end products are very similar in quality.”

Our promise

Offering our partners and customers products that are affordable without any quality compromise reflects the values we at Henley Bridge hold.

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