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Strawberry basil tart

Strawberry basil tart

This eye-catching dessert uses the pink and white rosette from our new Dobla range.

Strawberry basil compote


300g Leonce Blanc strawberry puree

100g caster sugar

13g gelatine 

52g water

130g frozen strawberry IQF

8g basil leaf 


Wash the basil leaf and dry it with kitchen towel.

Infuse the basil and strawberry puree overnight.

Warm the puree with sugar to 45°C to dissolve all sugar.

While warm, pour to IQF and add in gelatin solution.

Vanilla cream


150g milk

120g whipping cream

1 pc Norohy vanilla pod

120g egg yolk

90g sugar

10g gelatin

120g Italian meringue

40g cold water

135g whipped cream

2g lime juice and zest


Mix and cook until 83°C.

Wait for the mix to cool down and fold in the Italian meringue, lime zest and lime juice.

Lastly, fold in whipped cream and the gelatin solution.

Strawberry pain de genes


500g marzipan

250g whole eggs

50g cake flour

120g melted butter

100g frozen strawberry


Blend all ingredients well and whisk it until fluffy.

Spread on the tray and sprinkle frozen small cubes of strawberries.

Bake at 170ºC for 12 minutes.

Almond crust


80g icing sugar

110g unsalted butter

40g eggs

40g ground almond

200g cake flour


Sieved all dry ingredients together, add in cold butter and mix until sandy.

Lastly add in the flour and mix well.

Bake with 160ºC for approximately 20 min.

Reserve to use.

Almond crust tart


400g almond crust (recipe above)

140g unsalted butter 


Crush the baked short crust with rolling pin and paddle.

Mix well with the melted butter.

Press into the ring and bake for 170ºC for 10 min.

Cool down and keep in freezer.

To serve

Fill the tart with the compote, layer the vanilla cream and top with the strawberry pain de genes. 

Add on the Dobla white chocolate rosette and finish with a whole strawberry.

Recipe courtesy of Dobla

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