A black forest gelato ring cake with a mirror shine. Surrounded by winter foliage including holly leaves and berries.

This 80's classic has been updated to create a sumptuous ice cream cake packed with chocolate, black cherries and cream.


Vanilla inner layer:

500ml White base

30g Irca Joypaste White Vanilla


Cherry middle layer:

500ml White base

80g Irca Joypaste Cherry


Chocolate outer layer:

500ml White base

200g Belcolade Dark Chocolate

25g of Sosa Dextrose


1500ml Cream (500ml for each flavour)

Irca Chocolate mirror glaze



Whip up your double cream in a planetary mixer, to soft peak and remove from the mixing bowl.

Batch freeze the vanilla gelato, then place this into the mixing bowl and whisk until the gelato sticks to the side of the bowl.

Add in the whipped cream and whisk until it is all blended together.

Add the mixture to the inner mould and freeze.

Follow the same process as the vanilla for the cherry.

Now fill the middle mould, just over halfway with the cherry and then place in the frozen vanilla layer. Fill to the top with the rest of the cherry.

Follow the same process as the vanilla for the chocolate (for the chocolate gelato, warm up the white base, melt the chocolate and blend together with the dextrose).

Now fill the outer mould, just over halfway with the chocolate and then place in the frozen vanilla and cherry layer.

Fill almost to the top, then place a thin layer of chocolate sponge as a base for the cake.

To finish, glaze with chocolate mirror glaze. 


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