Gelato toffee apples

These toffee apples have stunning visual ap-peel! Combining two favourite childhood flavours, they can be served on a stick, plate or in a takeaway tub.



1 litre White base

70g Irca Joypaste Green Apple

On extraction ripple with Irca Joyfruit Apple Pie and Irca Joycream Toffee for piping



Fill a piping bag with apple flavoured gelato and pipe into your mould (trying to eliminate any air pockets), then freeze.

When filled halfway, use a teaspoon to push the mixture to the sides and create a void in the middle that you can fill with Joycream toffee.

Finish the fill with apple gelato so that the toffee is encased in the centre.

Blast freeze to harden.

To finish either spray with coloured cocoa butter or use a mirror glaze.


Serving suggestion

Drizzle with toffee sauce for extra decoration.


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