Christmas domes

Looking for the perfect festive dessert? Try these wonderful Christmas domes. The combination of mulled wine and cranberry mousse is offset perfectly by the crunchy lemon biscuit.

Mulled wine jelly


250g Red wine
50g Sugar
4 Cloves
2 Cinnamon sticks
1 Star anise
5 Cardamon pods
1 Bay leaf
Pinch Nutmeg
¼ Orange
½ Vanilla pod
2 Bronze gelatin leaves


Boil all the ingredients (except gelatin) for 10 minutes, then add the gelatin and freeze domes overnight. 

Lime shortbread biscuits


125g Flour
68g Butter
50g Sugar
1g Baking powder
1g Salt
1 Egg yolk
Zest of one Lime


Cream the butter, sugar & lime zest then add the egg yolk and green food colouring and combine. Incorporate the dry ingredients, roll and cut to desired shape then bake biscuits at 170C for 7 minutes.

Cranberry mousse


100g Evaporated milk
110g Frozen cranberries
80g Condensed milk
200g Double cream
40g Sugar
Bronze Gelatin Leaves


Blitz everything until mixtures becomes warm then add the gelatin and freeze the domes overnight. 

Mirror glaze


8g Gelatin powder + 40g Water (bloom)
120g Sugar
105g Glucose
80g Condensed milk
120g White chocolate
60g Water


Bring the sugar, glucose, condensed milk and water to boil and then pour over chopped white chocolate. Add bloomed gelatin, red food colouring and emulsify with a hand blender. 


Spread the green coloured coconut butter while glazing the domes then place them on the lime biscuits. To finish sprinkle chopped pistachios around the base.


Recipe courtesy Caroline Martins 

Watch the video method here.