Three chocolate cupcakes in white cases with a piped whipped ganache frosting, sprinkled with chopped nuts.

A classic ganache for frostings and cakes fillings.



60g deZaan cocoa powder - Terra Rossa
112g Casaluker cocoa butter
404ml single cream
404ml single cream
30g fish gelatin (or 6g pork gelatin)


Melt the cocoa butter over a bain-marie (do not surpass 45ºC).

Once melted blend in the cocoa powder with a hand-blender until smooth. Check the temperature, bring it down to 30-31ºC by stirring (do not incorporate air). Set aside until ready to use.

In a saucepan, add 1st quantity of cream. Bring to a simmer. Pour over chocolate in 2-3 stages to prevent from splitting the mixture.

Once the 1st cream has been incorporated, add gelatin while mixture is still quite warm. Blend until thoroughly combined.

Add 2nd cream to mixture and blend until well combined.

Transfer to an air-tight container covering the top of the ganache with plastic film wrap to prevent a skin from forming.

Set in refrigerator for 24hrs for best results.

When ready to use the ganache, add desired quantity to a cold mixing bowl.

Whisk until medium/ hard peaks.

Use immediately after whipping.

Recipe courtesy of deZaan.