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Choose churros!

Choose churros!

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As handheld snacks go, churros definitely have ‘the edge’ – or should we say, edges?!

They taste like deep-fried doughnuts but it’s their crispy ridges that elevate them to heavenly status. 

Originally hailing from Spain and Portugal (although often mistakenly considered Mexican), churros get their name from ‘churrera’, a syringe-like utensil with a star-shaped nozzle which is used to pipe them. Churros can either be straight or spiral-shaped, and are most commonly served sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, with a side order of either chocolate sauce or dulce de leche. 

Sheep dip

The jury’s out on the exact origin of churros, but the most popular account is that they were created by Spanish shepherds living in the mountains, who had limited access to fresh food. 

Add some colour

As with all on-trend foodstuffs, consumers are always looking for exciting adaptations, so why not try adding a little colour to your churros?

The Sosa range of powdered food colourings are ideal for jazzing up your dough. Try adding green to create a fantastic Christmas tree dessert (see recipe), or for Valentine’s Day, vibrant red churros piped into a heart shape will have your customers falling in love. 

Alternatively (or additionally!), add the Sosa food colourings to sugar to coat your churros and give them a vibrant edge. Brush them with sugar syrup first to ensure good coverage of your chosen, vibrant shade. 

For a multi-coloured vibe, dip one end of your churros in icing then coat with sugar strands

A dusting of cocoa powder will give chocolate lovers a double dose.

Flavour fusion

Have some fun with your dipping sauces and offer some alternatives to the traditional. 

Fruity flavours are a great option. Boiron and Leonce Blanc both offer ready-to-use purees in a wide range of fruity flavours. 

For a more grown-up version, add a splash of alcohol from the Grandes Distilleries Peureux range of premium spirits. 



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