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Courgette & tofu dippers with vegan mayonnaise

Courgette & tofu dippers with vegan mayonnaise

Not only is this recipe quick, easy and vegan friendly, it is also easily adapted to different flavours and ingredients. The mayonnaise will keep in the fridge for 3 to 5 days or can be frozen and used as and when required. 

Battered dippers


100g plain flour

250g water

30g Sosa Protempura

35g caster sugar

Courgette and tofu to size desired


Whisk the water, Protempura and sugar together and let sit for 10 minutes.  Then dust in flour and give the batter a good mix before using. 

Whilst the batter is sitting, drain excess liquid from the tofu and chop with the courgette to the desired size. Chill the chopped mix to help ensure your dippers don’t go too soft. 

Form the courgette and tofu mix into dipper shapes and completely coat in the batter. Deep fry in oil until a nice golden brown is achieved.

Chive egg free mayonnaise


80g water

20g cider vinegar

5g Sosa Natur Emul

30g chives

1 tbsp mustard

225g sunflower oil

Salt and pepper to taste


With a hand blender, blend together the water, cider vinegar, Natur Emul, chives and mustard for 2 minutes then slowly emulsify the oil.

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