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Kiwi bon bon

Kiwi bon bon

The tartness and freshness of the kiwi in the ganache perfectly compliments the sweetness of the white chocolate in these bon bons. 

Kiwi ganache


150g double cream
30g butter
15g glucose
550g Republica del Cacao 35% white chocolate
80g Irca Joypaste kiwi (or less if desired flavour profile)


Heat together the cream and glucose and bring to the boil.
Pour the mixture over the chocolate and let it melt gently for a few minutes.
Using a hand blender blend the mixture to emulsify.
Add the kiwi paste and blend again to emulsify.
Leave the mixture to cool to 35c before adding room temperature butter and blending again to emulsify.
Let the mixture reach 29c before placing in a piping bag ready for filling the mould.



Sosa gold colouring powder
Sosa green colouring powder (fat soluble)
Sosa yellow colouring powder (fat soluble)
Cocoa butter
Republica del Cacao 35% white chocolate


Always ensure you are starting off with a clean and polished polycarbonate mould.
First start by tempering your cocoa butters. This design uses gold, green and yellow colouring powders (see our video for more information on how to use coloured cocoa butter)
Once the cocoa butter colours are tempered and ready to use take the gold cocoa butter colour and with a gloved hand dip your fingers into the mixture and flick at the mould. Place the mould to one side so the gold cocoa butter can set (5 minutes).
Once the gold has set we can repeat that process with the green cocoa butter and again set aside for 5 minutes to set.
Once both flicks have set, we can now use an airbrush to spray and cover each cavity with the yellow cocoa butter (this may take 2 layers to ensure complete coverage and deeper colour).
Leave the mould to one side to set (10 minutes).

Moulding and capping

Now take your tempered white chocolate, fill each cavity, tap to remove any air bubbles, then turn over and tap again to remove all excess chocolate. Scrape to clean the surface of the mould then set aside for 10 minutes to set. After this time you can then transfer to the fridge for 20 minutes. (for more information on tempering chocolate see our YouTube videos).

Fill each cavity with the kiwi ganache ensuring you leave 2mm from the top of the chocolate.
Leave the ganache to crystallise overnight between 14-16c.

Once the ganache has been left to fully crystallise the chocolates can be capped with more white chocolate.
Leave the cap to set and contract away from the mould, then you can turn out your beautiful chocolates and enjoy.

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