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Pan fried sea bass with a herb gnocchi

Pan fried sea bass with a herb gnocchi


This dish is an excellent choice for people with a sensitive palate that don't enjoy “fishy tasting” seafood.  Visually appealing, it's packed with flavour, but it doesn't overpower the mild delicate taste of the sea bass and the light, tender gnocchi.

Prep time: 1 hour | Cook time: 30 mins | Serves: 6 | Other: 2 hours

Herb gnocchi


500g creamy mashed potatoes
100g ProMochi
20ml water to dissolve the ProMochi
20g mixed herbs, thyme and dill
50ml water seasoned


Dissolve the ProMochi in water and combine with the potato.

Heat the potato and mix with a spatula stirring constantly until the mixture becomes very sticky.

Remove the mixture and roll in cling film into a cylinder shape.

Keep in the fridge until the mixture becomes a very hard texture.

Cut the mixture into even pieces.

Put the potatoes into a pan with rest of the water and season then heat to 80ºC.

Potatoes will be ready when soft.

Put the gnocchi in a pan with some butter and put herbs in the pan and toss to serve.

Sabayon of onion


246g banana shallot
246g roskoff onion
246g white onion
100g butter
600g whole milk
50g Sosa proespuma hot
20g Sosa crispy onions


Melt the butter in a sauce pan.

Add the onions cut into small pieces.

Cook for 10 minutes medium/low heat.

At this point add the milk and bring to boil.

Put everything in a food processor and blend for 4 minutes in order to obtain a fine cream.

Strain to avoid any fiber and pour in a sauce pan.

Add the Proespuma Hot and blend for a minute. Heat up 60°C.

Pour the elaboration into a siphon gun with one gas canister and keep for the service in a bain marie up 70°C.

Wilted spinach


200g washed spinach
20g salted butter
10g nutmeg


Place the butter and spinach into a pan and place a lid on for 1 min to steam.

Add seasoning and nutmeg.

Remove from the pan onto some kitchen towel to drain.

Serve straight away.


To serve pan fry the seasoned seabass in a hot pan, skin side down until golden colour and add a knob of butter and baste.

Place a good spoon full of sabayon on the centre of the plate and make a well with a spoon, place the gnocchi in the well.

Dot around the spinach and the Sosa lemon confit straight from the jar before placing the seabass on top, dress with the pan juices and freeze dried Sosa micro herbs.

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