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Valentines raspberry and rose pate de fruit

Valentines raspberry and rose pate de fruit


Raspberry and rose are two flavours that scream valentines day and we've combined them in this pate de fruit. With the traditional French method of pate de fruit the flavour of the fruit is concentrated, similar to making a jam, with sugar and pectin, before setting and dusting with sugar.

Prep time: 1 hour | Cook time: 15 mins | Other: chill overnight


Tempered white chocolate
Tempered coloured cocoa butter

1kg Leonce Blanc raspberry puree
1kg caster sugar
30g Sosa fruit pectin
300g Sosa liquid glucose
5g Sosa citric acid powder (add a touch of water to make a solution)
30g Sosa rose water


Mix together the pectin and the sugar in a bowl.

In a pan heat the puree and glucose to 40°c.

Once the puree mixture has reached 40°c, slowly start pouring in the sugar and pectin constantly whisking to avoid lumps.

Bring the mixture up to boil, until it reaches 106°c.

Once at 106°c remove from the heat and add citric acid solution followed by the rose water.

Mix thoroughly pour mixture out into a cling film lined gastro tray and leave to chill and set.

Finally once set, blend the jelly to a smooth paste and adjust with some raspberry puree if needed.


Decorate heart mould with tempered coloured cocoa butter.

Flood the mould with tempered white chocolate then pour out and tap to create the shell.

Fill the mould with the raspberry and rose pate de fruit, leaving 2mm gap from the top.

Cap the mould with more tempered chocolate, allow chocolate to set and contract away from the mould then turn out the chocolates.

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