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Petal power

Petal power

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Let your profits bloom on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day with these beautiful gelato roses! They’re an internet sensation and the subject of many an Instagram post.

The effect can be achieved in two different ways: piping or the spatula technique. Both take a bit of practice, but the end results are stunning!

If you haven’t tried to make them yet, our how-to guide will hopefully inspire you . . .

Fabulous flora


1000g Jersey Dairy Jersey Gold premium soft serve ice cream mix

80g Rubicone strawberry flavour natural colour paste (no seeds) 


Blend the "no seed" strawberry paste into the soft serve mix and pour into the soft serve machine.

When the soft serve machine is ready, fill a piping bag directly from the dispenser.

Fill a few cones with the strawberry soft serve and use a pallet knife to flatten the mixture level with the top of the cone.

Using a basket weave 894 piping nozzle, pipe a cone in the centre of the cone and return to the blast freezer for 2 minutes.

Remove and pipe the petals around the centre cone, making sure to overlap the previous petal every time.

You may need to return to the blast freezer several times before completing the rose.



Spray gold can be used on the individual roses if required or a sprinkle of rose petals.

Super scooper 

Gelato roses using the scooping method allow your customers to try a variety of different flavours in one hit.

You can tailor the flavours to suit the season and they’re at their most visually appealing in two or three different colours. For example, try mango for the centre of your rose, strawberry for the outer petals and pistachio for the ‘leaves’.

The skill is in the technique and a spatula will be your best friend to help you achieve the shape for your gelato rose petals.

  1. Start by placing a roll of gelato in your cone to create the centre on which to build your rose.
  2. Then, using a spatula, scrape petals from a full tub of gelato and wrap them around the centre scoop.

Decoration ideas

If you are not handy with a piping bag, Silikomart have rose- shaped moulds available that you can fill with gelato and freeze to create a similar result.

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