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Vanilla chocolate bar

Vanilla chocolate bar


An easy to make chocolate bar.  Here we have used the true dark cocoa powder for an intense flavour.  It also works well with our alternative deZaan cocoa powder suggestions. This recipe can be easily infused with other herbs, teas, and spices.  

deZaan rich terracotta: gorgeous notes of chocolate, nuts, caramel and cream

deZaan crimson red: boasts a chocolate and caramel flavour with a creamy and buttery texture. If using this cocoa powder, lower the cocoa butter quantity by 3g and add 3g of this cocoa powder for a more balanced velvety flavour

deZaan true gold: for a more fruity, floral flavour


105g cocoa butter

57g deZaan true dark cocoa powder

57.2g caster sugar blended to extra fine for best results

2 vanilla beans (seeded)


Prepare a bain-marie.

In a heat-proof bowl, add the cocoa butter and vanilla bean seeds.

Melt over bain-marie completely not surpassing 42ºc.

Once at the correct temperature, let cool and infuse for a minimum of 1 hour. The cocoa butter might set, this is ok. Just needs to be re-melted to 42ºc. This allows for a stronger vanilla flavour to pull through.

Once the vanilla has been infused and the cocoa butter is brought back to the correct temperature, add the cocoa powder and sugar.

Blend thoroughly to temper and eliminate any lumps (best with a hand-blender). Be careful not to incorporate too much air into the mixture.

Once mixture has been blended and is a smooth fluid mixture, check that the temperature has been brought down to 31-32ºc. If temperature is too warm still, stir the chocolate mixture until the correct temperature is achieved.

Pour into the prepared chocolate bar moulds.

Leave to set completely in a cool temperature. (Tip: if in a hurry, let set in the refrigerator).

Recipe courtesy of deZaan

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