Two dark chocolate domes flicked with bronze and gold dust coloured cocoa butter, used to create a bauble.  Filled with a caramel and tonka bean mousse and topped with a cherry gel.  Garnished with fresh cherries and Sosa cherry crispies for added texture

The tantalising combination of cherry, caramel and tonka bean creates a luxurious and surprisingly light dessert as delicious from the first spoon to the last.

For the caramel and tonka bean mousse

125g milk
25g Sosa Promousse
8g Sosa Instangel
150g Caramel Chocolate (melted)
210g whipped cream
5 drops of Sosa Tonka Bean Natural Aroma


Blend together the milk, promousse, instangel and tonka bean aroma, then add the melted chocolate and blend again.

Fold through the whipped cream and place in a piping bag, pipe into a silicone mould and freeze.


For the cherry gel

300g Leonce Blanc Sour Cherry fruit puree
100g stock syrup
25g Sosa Gelcrem Cold


Mix all the ingredients together with a hand blender and blend until smooth, leave for 30 minutes to hydrate and blend again.


For the cherry jelly

450g Leonce Blanc Cherry Fruit Puree
50g stock syrup
25g Sosa Vegetal Setting Powder


Boil all the ingredients and dip the frozen mousse into the jelly twice to ensure good coverage, place into the bauble and leave to defrost.


To serve

Cherry Crispies
Demi Sphere dark chocolate dome flicked with cocoa butter, bronze and gold dust colours

Luxury in the making