A praliné and vanilla custard tart with a single Norohy vanilla pod placed on top.

This recipe uses delicious layers of different textures to bring new flavours  to an old favourite. 

Makes 10 

Sweet pastry with slivered almonds


350g butter

300g confectioner's sugar

240g egg yolks

1 egg

25g Sosa invert sugar

770g pastry flour


Cream the butter and add in the confectioner’s sugar and invert sugar, followed by the yolks and egg.  

Smooth out without letting any bubbles form.

Add the flour.

Leave to rest in the refrigerator.


Vanilla bean custard mixture


2595g milk

2595g whipping cream 35%

285g corn starch

770g sugar

45g Norohy vanilla


Warm the milk and cream and add the split and scraped vanilla beans.

Combine with the starch.

Boil, add the sugar and leave the mixture to rest in the refrigerator


Assembly and finishing


1250g 60% hazelnut praliné

100g whole hazelnuts


Sliver the hazelnuts.

Spread the sweet pastry between two guitar sheets and sprinkle one side with slivered hazelnuts to a thickness of 3mm.

Cut the pastry into ten 4 × 57cm strips.

Line the inside of 4cm-tall 15cm tart rings with 4 × 57cm non-stick strips.

Line again with the guitar sheets, then cover the bottom of each tart case with appropriately sized pastry disks.

Bake at 320°F (160°C) until an even blond color is achieved.

Set aside.

Combine 1250g of vanilla custard with 1250g of praliné to form a smooth mixture.

Pour 450g of vanilla custard mixture into each tart shell and smooth out. Use a piping bag to layer on 250g of praliné flan mixture.

Bake in a convection oven at 375°F (190°C).

Set aside.

Decorate with a small amount of confectioner’s sugar, a split vanilla bean, and a few hazelnut pieces.


Recipe courtesy of Norohy