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Cocoa whiskey and pink pepper parfait entremet

Cocoa whiskey and pink pepper parfait entremet

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Indulge in this simple cocoa dessert with rounded chocolate notes and a pink pepper tuille, complemented by a whiskey cremeux and a hint of lemon. 

deZaan Rich Terracotta parfait



800g Cream 35% 

27g Gelatine (hydrated) 

225g Cream 35% 

400g Egg yolk 

160g Whole egg

400g Granulated sugar 

Whip 800g of cream till soft peaks and set aside in the fridge.

Place egg and egg yolk in a mixing bowl with a whisk, and turn on high speed till fluffy. 

Add granulated sugar in a pot with a little water and boil till 121°C then pour slowly into the egg and egg yolk to create a pate bombe. 

Now dissolve the gelatin together with 225g cream and rich terracotta cocoa powder and add to the pate bombe.

Take off the base and fold in the whipped cream. 

Pipe the finished base into the desired mold for assembly.

Pink Pepper Red tuile base



100g Flour  

100g Granulated sugar

5g Red coloring powder 

2g Pink pepper ground 

100g Egg white  

100g Coconut oil (melted)

Mix all dried ingredients.   

Add egg whites and mix until incorporated.

Add coconut oil and Mix.

Refrigerate until needed. (Tip: best to take out of the refrigerator after 30 min to bring tuile batter up to temperature for easy piping).

Fill the desired mold and bake at 160°C for approx 4 min.

Cool down the tuile and take out the mold.

Lemon gel



300g Lemon juice 

200g Water 

100g Granulated sugar

15g Agar agar

Bring all ingredients to a boil except the agar agar. 

When all ingredients are boiling, add the agar agar and cook for one minute. 

Cool down the base till set. 

When the base is set turn this in a mixer until it's a smooth gel and can pass through a small sifter. 

Place the gel into a piping bag for use. 

Whiskey Cocoa crémeux



625g Cream 35% 

625g Milk 

30g Whiskey

250g Egg yolk 

84g deZaan Crimson Red cocoa powder

100g Granulated sugar 

36g Gelatine (hydrated)

Bring the cream, and milk together with the whiskey and granulated sugar to a boil. 

Add a small part of the boiled liquid into the egg yolks and crimson red cocoa powder to make a family, pour them back together, and cook slowly till 82°C 

Add the gelatin and mix.  

Strain and transfer to desired molds.  

Freeze until set. 


Start by piping in the rich terracotta parfait halfway into the desired mold and cool down before adding in the whiskey cremeux (insert).

When the parfait is slightly set you can add your frozen whiskey cremeux into the middle and add the last part of the parfait to fill up the mold. Freeze overnight or until it's set.  

When the parfait is completely frozen you can remove the mold and dust the parfait with deZaan crimson red cocoa powder. Place it on a plate before the parfait comes to temperature.

Finish the parfait with the tuile on top of the cake. 

Garnish with lemon gel and gold leaf. 

Serve the parfait frozen. 

Recipe courtesy of deZaan 

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