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Petit cocoa and spiced caramel entremets for two

Petit cocoa and spiced caramel entremets for two

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Take in this crimson red creamy mousse with a spiced caramel cremeux insert that combines excellently with a glossy red caramel glaze. To finish, this mousse is topped off with a delightful red almond tuille.

Spiced Rum Cremeux Insert



313g Cream 35% 

313g Milk  

125g Egg yolk 

50g Granulated sugar  

15g Gelatine (hydrated)

15g Spiced Rum

Bring cream and milk to a soft boil.  

Temper into premixed egg yolk and sugar mixture.  

Return to heat and cook to 82°C. 

Add Gelatine and mix.   

Add Rum and mix.  

Strain and transfer to desired molds.   

Freeze until set. 

Unmold and reserve in the freezer until ready to use.

Crimson Red Mousse 



350g Cream 35% 

550g Milk 

200g Egg Yolks

150g Granulated Sugar 

110g deZaan Crimson Red cocoa powder

60g deZaan Stellar cocoa Butter drops 

8g Gelatine 

Whip the cream to medium peaks. Reserve in refrigerator until ready to use.

Make a crème anglaise with milk, egg yolks and sugar.  

Pour crème anglaise over crimson red cocoa powder and Stellar cocoa butter drops. Blend with an immersion blender until smooth.

Add gelatine and blend with an immersion blender.  

Let cool to 35°C, then fold in the whipped cream.  

Transfer to silicon molds.  

Add spiced cremeux insert. Pressing down gently. 

Freeze until set.  

Unmold and reserve in the freezer until ready to use.

Red Almond Tuile



100g Flour 

100g Granulated sugar   

5g Red coloring powder

100g Egg white   

100g Coconut oil (melted)

Mix all dried ingredients.

Add egg whites. Mix until incorporated.    

Add coconut oil and Mix. 

Refrigerate until needed. (Tip: Best to take out of refrigerator 30 min to bring tuile batter up to temperature for easy piping).

Fill heart molds and bake at 160° for approx 4 min. 

Cool down the tuile and take out the mold.

Red Rose Glaze


242g Granulated Sugar 

157g Glucose Syrup 

399g Cream 35% (warmed) 

80g Stellar cocoa butter drops (melted) 

8g Red food colouring powder 

72g Butter 

12g Gelatine (hydrated)

In a saucepan, add sugar and glucose. Make a light caramel. 

Once the caramel is ready, add warmed cream while stirring constantly.  

Cook on low until all sugar has dissolved and the mixture is homogeneous. 

Transfer to bowl with stellar cocoa butter drops. Mix with an immersion blender until smooth.  

Add remaining ingredients and mix until smooth. 

Strain into a container and cover with plastic wrap (setting the wrap directly touching the glaze to prevent it from forming a skin).  

Cool to 32°C Ready to glaze. 


Once all components have been made.  

Start by preparing the glazing rack and the petit gateaux. 

Glaze petit gateaux with red caramel glaze.

Gently line the bottom of the gateaux with caramelised hazelnut bits.  

Place directly onto the presentation plate or disc.  

Finish with Red Almond Heart Tuile. 

Recipe courtesy of deZaan 

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