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Raspberry and cocoa heart

Raspberry and cocoa heart

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Take in the perfection of buttery crisp pastry partnered with a rich and creamy crimson red mousseline elevated with a raspberry cocoa cremeux insert.

Rich Terracotta Pate Feuilleté 



573g Milk 

96g deZaan Rich Terracotta cocoa powder 

478g T45 Flour

96g deZaan Rich Terracotta cocoa powder 

478g T45 Flour

380g Flour  

19g Granulated sugar

24g Salt   

29g Fresh yeast

96 Butter (cold)  

306g Dry butter (Beurre Tourage) 

Warm the milk to approx. 50°C and blend with Rich Terracotta cocoa powder until smooth. 

Allow this to hydrate for a minimum of 3hrs at 4°C. Once hydrated, start by mixing the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl (dough hook attachment). 

Warm ¼ of the cocoa liquid. Add fresh yeast and mix until smooth.  

Add directly into the mixing bowl. Start mixing the dough and add the remaining liquid. Mix to a dough-like texture.  

Add butter. Make sure that the temperature of the dough stays around 24-26°C.  

Mix to a smooth dough where the dough springs back when poked.  

Leave to rest at room temperature for 1 hour then transfer to refrigerator for further cooling. 

Prepare beurre tourage by shaping and rolling into a rectangle and approx. 1cm thick.  

Once the dough has been cooled, roll it out to about 1cm thick (sticking to a rectangular shape) double the length of the dry butter, and a bit wider.

Place dry butter in the middle of the dough and fold flaps over. Creating a 3- fold pamphlet. Make sure all edges are sealed with dough. Roll dough to stick butter and dough together (making them into one unified dough). Make sure to keep the rectangular shape.   

Wrap it and let it rest in the refrigerator for a minimum of 1 hour.  

Give the dough its first turn. Take out the dough and roll it out lengthwise (keeping the rectangular shape intact) to about 1cm thick. Continue with the book fold method. After the first turn and resting process, give the dough a second turn. 

Repeat folding steps once more (3 turns in total).  

Once the dough has rested well, roll it out to about 6 – 8mm thick, 30cm in length, and 22-24cm wide. Cut into heart shapes.  

Proof at room temperature (25ºC) until it has doubled in size.   

Bake covered with a silpat and a rack at 175°C. (Vent Open) until baked through. 

Raspberry Cocoa Cremeux 



825g Cream 35%  

425g Raspberry Puree  

250g Egg yolk  

84g deZaan True Gold cocoa powder  

100g Granulated sugar

15g Gelatine (hydrated)  

30g Almond liquor

Bring the cream and puree to a soft boil.  

Temper into premixed egg yolk, true gold cocoa powder, and sugar mixture.  

Return mixture back to heat and cook to 82°C. 

Add gelatine. Mix with an immersion blender until smooth.  

Add almond liquor and mix until smooth. 

Transfer into round silicone molds (3cm diameter and 1cm thick) 

Freeze overnight or until set.  

Unmold and reserve in the freezer for assembly.

Crimson Red Mousseline 



1000g Milk  

250g Granulated sugar 

250g Egg yolks 

100g deZaan Crimson Red cocoa powder 

60g Butter 

8g Gelatine 

250g Cream 35% (whipped to medium peaks)

Bring milk to a soft boil. 

Temper into the premixed egg yolk, sugar, and crimson red cocoa powder mixture.  

Return mixture back to heat and cook to 82°C. 

Add gelatine. Mix with an immersion blender until smooth.  

Allow to set and cool to 4°C.

Mix pastry cream with a whisk to loosen the cream a bit. Do not over-mix. 

Fold in whipped cream. 

Transfer to piping back with a round tip.  

Reserve in refrigerator until ready for assembly.


Once all components have been made. 

Start placing the raspberry cocoa cremeux in the center of the heart cocoa puff pastry.  

Pipe the crimson-red mousseline cream around in a decorative manner.

With a pastry brush, spread a very thin layer of cocoa butter over the top of the 2nd layer of cocoa puff pastry. Allow this to set. 

Dust a 2nd layer of cocoa puff pastry with crimson-red cocoa powder. 

Place the second cocoa puff pastry layer over the piped mousseline cream.  

Serve immediately. 

Recipe courtesy of deZaan 

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