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Game terrine with a chicken and pistachio mousse

Game terrine with a chicken and pistachio mousse


This terrine is a tasty blend of meaty flavours that’s surprisingly simple to put together. The pear and fruit sauce add a sweet touch to this savoury dish.  Game terrine is perfect served with fresh salad leaves for a light lunch.

Game terrine


2 breasts of pheasant

2 breasts of pigeon

2 breasts of duck

2 guinea fowl breasts

1 rabbit, boned

500g lean strips of venison

To line the dish

300g streaky bacon, flattened by rolling between two sheets of baking parchment


Line a loaf tin or ceramic terrine dish with the stretched rashers of streaky bacon.

Add a layer of chicken mousse (see below), cover the base.

Place the game along the mould covering all gaps.

Top with the remaining chicken mousse.

Fold the exposed strips of bacon over the top of the terrine and cover well with kitchen foil.

If your terrine dish has a lid on it so much the better.

Place the terrine dish in a roasting tin half filled with hot water.

Cook in the oven at 160°C for approximately 1½-2 hours.

Test with a skewer to see if it is cooked.

For the best possible texture and easy slicing, your terrine should be pressed as it cools.

Find a piece plastic that fits snugly inside the terrine dish and weigh it down with a large tin or two.

(Another similar size dish or loaf tin with a large tin inside often does the trick, but wrap it in cling film).

Leave the terrine until completely cold for several hours or overnight.

Chicken and pistachio mousse


500g of chicken breast, roughly chopped

2 egg whites

500ml double cream

20g Sosa Home Gourmet Pralicroc pistachio


freshly ground black pepper


Create the chicken mousse by blending the chicken in a food processor until puréed.

Add the egg whites and blitz once again.

Place a bowl in a larger bowl of iced water, then, working in batches, push the chicken mixture through a drum sieve (or fine sieve) using a dough scraper or the back of a ladle.

Once you’ve passed all of the mousse mixture, fold in the double cream, pistachio and season with a generous pinch of salt and pepper.

Set aside.

To serve


250g mixed green leaves

20g Sosa Home Gourmet pear and fruit sauce

10g Sosa Home Gourmet Cantonese sesame seeds

5g Essential Cuisine game glace


To serve mix a green salad with Sosa Home Gourmet pear and fruit sauce and the cantonese sesame seeds and mix well.

Slice the terrine carefully not to rip the edges.

Paint some game essential glace onto the plate, place the terrine onto the plate and dress with the salad and serve.

Recipe by Stephen Griffiths, Consultant Chef

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