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Green tea with jasmine milkshake

Green tea with jasmine milkshake

Jasmine green tea is light and gentle and the special fragrance and touch of sweetness comes from the night blooming jasmine flower.  It's a very versatile tea and in this recipe its been combined with chai seeds, yogurt, honey and jellies.


300ml milk

150ml coconut milk

3 tbsp thick natural yogurt

1 tbsp honey

Dilmah green tea with jasmine to make milk tea with

1 tsp Sosa Home Gourmet agar agar

350ml Dilmah green tea with jasmine, brewed and chilled

Handful of ice

100g thai grass jelly

100g aloe vera jelly

A scoop of vanilla ice cream

1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in Dilmah green tea with jasmine


Make a tea-infused jelly by adding 350ml of chilled green tea to a saucepan and the Sosa agar agar.

Stir to dissolve, bring up to a boil, take off heat and refrigerate to set.

In another pan, simmer the milk with coconut milk and green tea; and once infused, add the honey and refrigerate.

In a blender, blend the cold milk tea mixture with ice and yogurt.

Assemble the drink by layering the bottom of a glass with chia seeds (soaked in tea) and the three jellies (reserving some for garnishing) and pour in the green tea-infused milk.

Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the reserved jellies.

Serve chilled.

Recipe courtesy of Dilmah

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