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Pomegranate Valentine's Heart

Pomegranate Valentine's Heart


These cute hearts are sure to be a winner this Valentine's day. The slight sourness of the pomegranate works wonderfully with the sweetness of the ice cream and white chocolate.

Prep time (base mix including aging): 4 hours | Batch freezer time: (Times vary depending on machine): 7-9 mins | Blast freezer: 30 mins

Base mix 1 litre recipe


1030g whole milk
160g double cream (48% fat)
210g granulated sugar
22g Sosa dextrose
50g spray dried glucose
55g skimmed milk powder
5g Sosa Neutro 5 AU stabiliser


Add the milk to the pasteuriser and set cycle program for 85°c.

Heat to 40°c and add the dry powders. Then add the cream at 45°c.

Allow pasteurisation cycle to continue to heat and mix the base to 85°c.

Cool to 4°c.

Age for 2 hours prior to using.

Life of mix will be 48hrs from pasteurisation.



Irca Pomegranate Paste


Add 80g per litre of mix.

Mix thoroughly until mixed and smooth, the mixture will be dark pink in colour.

Pour into batch freezer and freeze on the usual cycle.

Filling the mould


Extract the mix from the batch freezer and put into a piping bag.

Fill the mould with the mixture and put into blast freezer for 1 ½ hours until frozen solid.

Remove from the moulds and place back into the blast freezer.

Chocolate coating


400g Belcolade white chocolate
100g Belcolade cocoa butter (25% of the white chocolate amount)
Sosa red oil base powder


Melt the chocolate to 29-30°c making sure to keep in temper (watch our video for more information on how to temper chocolate).

Heat the cocoa butter to 30-31°c.

Add the colouring powder and mix until smooth.

Add cocoa butter to the chocolate and blend until a uniform colour is achieved.


Push a cocktail stick firmly into one end of the heart and dip into the chocolate .

Allow surplus chocolate to run off and place on tray to harden (this will happen in few minutes).

Dress with a few pomegranate seeds and display at -12°c.

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