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Premium vanilla ice cream

Premium vanilla ice cream

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Vanilla is the UK’s favourite flavour of ice cream, with 28% of people choosing it in a recent poll conducted by retailer TK Maxx. However, there are various ways of making vanilla ice cream depending on the quality or flavour you choose for the end result.

With sales of premium ice cream continuing to increase, is it time to decide whether you want to be more vanilla?


With vanilla paste

6 litres Irca ice cream white base mix

48g Norohy Vanifusion organic Madagascan vanilla bean paste

With pods

6 litres Irca ice cream white base mix

3 Norohy vanilla pods


Split the three vanilla pods and scrape out the seeds using the back of a knife.

Add the seeds to the white base – or the vanilla paste if that’s your chosen ingredient - and blend thoroughly, then pour into your batch freezer and select your gelato program.

The split pods can be used to decorate the pan when finished.

A white edible flower can also add a little more to the display.

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