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Crowning glory

Crowning glory

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The nation will be celebrating the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III at Westminster Abbey on May 6, so make sure your ice cream and gelato offerings are fit for a king.

Street parties will be in full swing and demand for themed goods will be high.

In honour of this momentous occasion, our talented Mark Eastman has replicated the royal orb and sceptre in ice cream form – and shared the recipe so that you can re-create it too.


3 litres Irca ice cream white base

Rubicone Red Velvet fluid cream cremini

Irca crispy cereal beads covered in white chocolate


Make your base flavour. We used vanilla but Eton Mess or strawberries and cream would be great too.

Three quarters fill the pan and smooth the top to make a flat surface.

Pour the cremini into a mould (TOP103SOFA from Pavoni) and freeze in the blast freezer for 40 minutes.

Pull off the mould and set it on top of your pan.

Irca crispy cereal beads can be used to look like jewels on the cruxifix of the orb.

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