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Rudolph's nose

Rudolph's nose

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A sweet, smokey caramel that mingles with the warmth of whiskey-infused ganache, all encased in a whimsical Rudolph nose-shaped confection. This delightful treat is a feast for the senses, and certain to bring some festive cheer to the holiday season. 

Smoked caramel


240g Tate & Lyle caster sugar

100g Belgosuc glucose syrup

240g cream 35%

100g butter

2g Sosa smoke flavour drop

5g Sea salt


Heat the cream and butter.

Make a caramel with the sugar and glucose and add the cream & butter step by step. Add the salt and smoke flavour and cool down. Add to prepared moulds to fill half way.

Whisky ganache


340g cream 35%

20g Sosa sorbitol

55g glucose DE60

470g Belcolade Cacao Trace Milk Selection chocolate

75g Belcolade Cacao Trace Ebony cocoa mass

40g butter

50g Glen Turner whiskey


Heat the cream, sorbitol, and glucose to 85°C. Pour onto the Milk Selection chocolate and Ebony cocoa mass.

Blend with and stick blender to emulsify. When the ganache reaches 35°C add the butter and blend again then add the Whiskey and blend.

When the ganache reaches 30°C deposit into prepared moulds over the caramel layer.

Allow to crystalize over night before backing off.

Recipe courtesy of Belcolade

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