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Trio of Beetroot and goat's cheese tart

Trio of Beetroot and goat's cheese tart

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Elevate your festive menu and leave your diner's taste buds dancing with joy by serving them this delightful beetroot and goat's cheese tart. This harmonious blend of sweet earthy beetroot and creamy goat's cheese with the added tanginess of Essential Cuisine's spicy Persian seasoning gives this tart an extra kick, making it the perfect addition to your Christmas menu. 

Whipped goat's cheese panna cotta


300g double cream

100g milk

100g goats cheese

2g Sosa | Pro Pannacotta | Texturiser for pannacottas 


To a saucepan add all of the ingredients, bring to a boil and mix vigorously.

Leave to cool, until set.

Add to a mixing bowl and whisk until forms mousse like consistency.

Add mix to piping bag with nozzle of your choice, a small star nozzle works best for this.

Spiced roasted beetroot


2 raw beetroots


Essential Cuisine | Street Food Chef | Spicy persian seasoning (to taste)


Peel beetroots and cut into 1.5cm cubes.

Add to a roasting tray with oil, and seasoning and roast for 20 minutes on 140 degrees.

Beetroot crisps


2 raw beetroots


Peel and slice beetroots on mandolin.

Add to dehydrator (or alternatively an oven) and dry until crisp.

Beetroot mousse


330g beetroot juice (1)

20g Sosa Gelcrem Cold

150g beetroot juice (2)

15g Sosa Albuwhip

65g double cream

18g Sosa Instangel 


Mix 330g Beetroot Juice and Gelcrem Cold in a bowl and blend for 3 minutes to combine ingredients.

Leave mixture to set for 20 minutes in the fridge.

Then in a separate bowl mix the Beetroot Juice 150g (2) with the Albuwhip and whip until meringue consistency.

In a separate bowl whisk the cream.

Remove the first mix from the fridge and combine with Instangel.

Blend for one minute to get a smooth texture.

Pour it in a bowl and combine with the meringue mix, slowly, being careful to not lose the air out of the mix.

Add the whipped cream in to the mix and stir well.

Add mix to piping bag, with nozzle of your choice, a large star nozzle works best for this.

Beetroot gel


60g beetroot juice

40g beetroot puree

8g Sosa | Gelcrem Cold | Thickener for cold liquids


Combine ingredients in container.

Hand blend for 2 minutes until combined.

Leave to absorb for minimum 1hr.

Blitz again.

Salted caramel hazelnuts


50g roasted hazelnuts

200g sugar

Salt flakes


Add sugar into a saucepan.

Let melt into a caramel.

Add hazelnuts into caramel.

Empty on to a greased tray.

Sprinkle with salt flakes.

Leave to cool.

Add to a bowl and break up with end of rolling pin.


On a plate dot the beetroot gel

Pidy Selection Neutral Butter 7.8cm tart

Pipe in goats cheese mousse and beetroot mousse

Add roasted beetroot and beetroot crisps

Garnish with caramelized nuts 

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