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Saving-savvy solutions: our best ways to cut culinary costs

Saving-savvy solutions: our best ways to cut culinary costs

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In the ever-evolving food industry, keeping costs in check while still producing mouth-watering treats is quite the balancing act. Here are some delightful yet economical tips to keep creativity high and expenses low.

Creative solutions: acclimatise to the changing cocoa market

Craft chocolate with cocoa powder

At a time when chocolate prices are sky-high, why not consider using premium cocoa powder? Transforming cocoa powder into exquisite chocolate puts the power of quality and flavour back in your hands.

Start by gently heating cocoa powder and fat, then stirring in your chosen sweetener until you achieve the perfect blend of bitterness and sweetness. Temper your chocolate and pour it into moulds to cool. 

The key is to avoid water and high heat. If you notice the mixture seizing, use a little oil to smooth things out. Remember, premium cocoa powder like those from deZaan can take your chocolate from delightful to divine!

deZaan cocoa powder range

Be inventive with inclusions

Make your fillings go further by adding inclusions such as dried fruits or nuts. This not only enhances the texture and flavour but also reduces the amount of more expensive ingredients, like chocolate, in your bars. This strategy extends to using chunky inclusions in ganache, helping you use less while still delivering a rich and indulgent experience.

Join the ready-made revolution

Four ways to save time and costs with ready-to-go ingredients.

1. Ganache

Reduce prep time and costs by opting for pre-made ganache. Select an appropriate and versatile base which you can then add flavour to. This allows you to adapt one ingredient instead of buying multiple ones, making the ganache base an economical choice for a diverse range of culinary creations. This solution also saves you prep time and the cost of labour. 


2. Truffle shells

Similarly, ready-made chocolate truffle shells save time and labour costs associated with moulding your own. They also ensure consistency and reduce waste that would be created through making them. Ready-to-go truffle shells are available in white, milk and dark chocolate, made by either Dobla or Barbara Luijckx.

3. Fruit puree

Avoid the need to purchase fresh fruit and significantly reduce prep time by investing in ready-made fruit purees. These purees are not only available year-round but also eliminate the waste associated with fresh fruits, improving cost efficiency per serving. This makes them an excellent option for menu planning and cost control.

Boiron puree range

4. Flavour Paste

Ready-made flavour pastes offer a multitude of benefits that stretch far beyond saving time. Flavour pastes ensure consistency in taste, have a longer shelf life compared to fresh ingredients, minimise waste and reduce the frequency of purchases, thus saving costs in a big way!

As for ice cream, less really is more 

Where ice cream is concerned, replace traditional chocolate with cocoa mass. Using cocoa mass instead of processed chocolate can be a game-changer for ice cream makers. Cocoa mass is purer and more adaptable, offering a concentrated chocolate flavour and the versatility to blend the cocoa to your desired flavour profile. This allows for more precise customisation of sweetness, perfect for crafting premium or specialty ice creams. Cocoa mass is available in a range of formats from drops to bars

To continue, read about the current cocoa situation or explore further ways to save with our cost-cutting initiatives.

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