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Celebrating a sweet success: Steve Carrigan becomes a ‘Gelato Master’

Celebrating a sweet success: Steve Carrigan becomes a ‘Gelato Master’

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Steve Carrigan, our Gelato & Ice Cream Sales Manager at Henley Bridge, recently achieved a feat that marks both a personal and professional milestone - becoming a ‘Gelato Master’ - a title that speaks volumes of his dedication and craft. We caught up with Steve to delve into his delicious journey to mastery. 

What inspired you to become a Gelato Master? 

It was by chance, actually! I stumbled upon an Instagram post about Carpigiani Gelato University introducing a Master level course. Considering my deep-rooted passion for ice cream, which has been a part of my life for almost 30 years, and my previous experience with Carpigiani, I knew it was time to elevate my craft to the next level. 

Could you describe the path to becoming a Gelato Master? 

It's a journey of commitment and intense learning. Before tackling the Master level, I had to complete the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. The Master course itself was a five-day, in-depth dive into the nuances and physics of gelato making, capped off with a theoretical exam and a practical competition. It was challenging yet incredibly rewarding. 

How has Carpigiani University influenced your journey? 

Carpigiani University is not just a place to learn; it's a place where you're inspired to innovate. Unlike other courses that might focus solely on products, Carpigiani encourages a deep understanding of the science behind gelato. It's this holistic approach, combined with my background as a chef and baker, that has profoundly shaped my approach to gelato making. 

What were some of the key insights from the course? 

The course really emphasised the complexity of gelato. Understanding the freezing properties of ingredients, the role of viscosity, and the balance of fats and proteins are just a few examples. These insights have not only enhanced my technical skills but also sparked a few new ideas for flavours and textures. 

Innovation seems to be a significant theme. Can you share how the course has influenced this aspect of your work? 

Absolutely! One of the most intriguing aspects was learning how to use egg white as a protein substitute, which has broadened my horizon for creating unique recipes that cater to lots of different dietary requirements. The course reinforced the idea that with the right knowledge, there are limitless possibilities in flavour and texture innovation. 

What does achieving the title of Gelato Master mean to you personally and professionally? 

On a personal level, it's a dream come true. Gelato isn't just a job for me; it's a passion that runs in my veins. Professionally, it's a milestone that reflects my commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of gelato. It's also a testament to the supportive environment at Henley Bridge, where we're all about pushing boundaries and creating delightful culinary experiences. 

Is there anything else you'd like to add about your experience? 

The Master course was incredibly challenging but equally rewarding. It's pushed me to think differently about gelato, from the science of its composition to the art of its presentation. I'm excited to bring these new insights and innovations to Henley Bridge and share them with our customers. 

As an expert in the industry, Steve is here to answer any of your ice cream and gleato-related questions and queries! Get in touch here.

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