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Spiced toffee apple

Spiced toffee apple

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These eye catching toffee apples are sure to be a table showstopper this Christmas.

Spiced toffee apple filling 


2 large cooking apples

Knob of butter 

100g sugar 

150g cream (heated)

3g ground cinnamon

2g ground nutmeg

1g ground star anise

2g ground ginger


Dice up the cooking apples.

In a pan heat the butter, once the pan is hot add the apples and very gently cook them until just soft to prevent them from breaking down. Incorporate the spices and leave to cool.

In a separate pan caramelise the sugar until golden brown.

Very slowly and carefully add in the warm cream and boil for a couple of minutes.

Remove from the heat and cool slightly before combining with the cooked apple dice.

Allow mixture to cool before placing into small sphere silicone moulds and blast freezing.

Apple mousse


500g Leonce Blanc apple puree

35g Sosa albumina

30g Sosa instangel

25g caster sugar

200g semi-whipped cream


Mix the apple puree with the albumina, instangel and the sugar.

Whip until it becomes very spongy (like a meringue).

Add the cream and carefully mix with a rubber spatula.

Then put the mixture into a piping bag and pipe into sphere silicon mould till about half way.

Take the back of a spoon and pull some of the mixture up the side of the sphere mould.

Take your apple filling sphere from the blast freezer and place inside the apple mousse sphere.

Fill up the rest of the sphere with apple mousse and level off.

Place mould into the blast freezer.



100g salted butter

100g caster sugar

100g plain flour

4g cinnamon

2g nutmeg

2g ginger


Incorporate all ingredients in a kitchen aid and mix with the paddle attachment until to reach a dough consistency.

Break into small pieces onto a silpat and place in the oven at 180c, turning over regularly for 15 mins.

Remove from the oven and cool.



Chocolatree red velvet spray 

Barbara Decor dark chocolate bristles

Mint sprig

1 litre apple juice, reduced until to 200g 



Start by making the apple filling and getting that into the blast freezer.

Next make the apple mousse and place into the blast freezer.

Make the crumble and allow to cool.

Reduce apple juice for a sweet sauce. 

Remove apple mousse from the freezer and gently push a dip into the top of the sphere to create the apple core effect.

Spray whole apple with red velvet spray, garnish with a bristle and mint sprig.

Plate to your desired taste and enjoy. 


Recipe courtesy of Samantha Rain, Development Chef, Henley Bridge

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