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Strawberry creams

Strawberry creams


Smooth and deliciously moreish chocolate and strawberry creams, everything your sweet tooth needs with this easy to follow recipe.

Strawberry fondant filling


150g DGF fondant

5g Irca Joypaste strawberry 

25g water 


Heat the fondant very slightly in the microwave to make more fluid, add the strawberry paste and mix well to combine.

Add the water little by little until it reaches a pipeable consistency.

Ensure the mixture is no higher than 29c and place in a piping bag and pipe into mould.

Preparing the mould


Coloured cocoa butter:

In this recipe;

1kg Belcolade white chocolate

Sosa red fat soluble colouring powder

Sosa Silver metallic powder

100g cocoa butter 

10g fat soluble colouring powder (may not need all)

Melt cocoa butter to 45c, add colouring powder and blend with a hand blender. 

Temper when required.


Always start with a clean and polished mould. 

Temper your coloured cocoa butter colour (see our video on using and working with coloured cocoa butters).

Using an airbrush, spray a fine layer of your tempered coloured cocoa butter in each of the cavities. Use a j cloth to remove any excess cocoa butter from the mould.

(note. If you do not have an airbrush you can create some very beautiful designs using a number of tools eg brushes, sponges etc please see our video on colouring cocoa butter for more details). 

Temper your white chocolate for your shells and fill, tap and turn out to create the shells. Leave this to set for at least 1 hour before filling. (see video on tempering for more details). 

Fill each cavity with the fondant filling and place into the fridge for at least 2 hours before capping (see video on moulding and capping for more details if needed).



Prepare the mould as above.

Pipe fondant filling into each cavity leaving a 2mm space from the top of the mould.

Cap off the mould with tempered chocolate and leave to contract before turning out.

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