Posh Prawn Sandwich

A very simple but delicious recipe, this version is suitable for Dyshagia IDDSI Level 5. You can adapt it to be IDDSI Level 4 by fully pureeing the filling.



100g white bread with the crusts removed

400g whole milk

20g Sosa Gelcrem Cold

Salt and pepper to taste

Prawn and Lobster Filling


280g Atlantic prawns

30g Essential Cuisine Lobster Glace

130g Mayonnaise

130g tomato ketchup

Salt and cayenne pepper to taste

Juice of half a lemon


Blend the bread and milk together until smooth.

Season to taste and add the Sosa Gelcrem Cold, then blend until fully incorporated.  Leave for 30 minutes to allow hydration and then blend again to achieve final consistency.

Can be used straight away or frozen in moulds for future use.

For the filling, chop the prawns so the pieces are 4mm or smaller. Combine with all the other ingredients and season to taste.