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Beverage banquet

Beverage banquet

Don’t just reserve our extensive catalogue of hot beverage products for making drinks. They can also be used to enhance a wide variety of dishes and desserts too. 

In this regular feature, we’ll be showing you some inventive ways to add unique flavours to your food offering, starting off with this delicious Moroccan mint amour chocolate dessert, which uses Moroccan mint tea and cocoa powder… 

Moroccan mint amour 

For the sponge


110g butter

100g sugar

125g flour

200g Republica del Cacao Ecuador dark chocolate (65%)

60g Republica del Cacao milk chocolate (35%)

50g egg 

2.5g baking powder

15g deZaan Rich Terracotta cocoa powder

3g salt

60g Dilmah Moroccan mint tea leaves, grounded 


Beat the butter and sugar till lightly fluffy.

Add in the egg.

Fold in the melted chocolate.

Fold in the dry ingredients. 

Roll out 3cm and cut 5cm rounds and bake. 

For the raspberry sorbet 


300g water

160g sugar

30g trimoline

500g Leonce Blanc Raspberry Fruit Puree 

50g lemon juice 

For the chocolate mousse


2g gelatin

145g Republica del Cacao ecuador dark chocolate (65%)

100g milk

220g whipped cream

10g Dilmah Moroccan mint tea leaves 


Make a ganache with mint leaves, milk and chocolate.

Add in the melted chocolate.

Add in the whip cream, pipe in moulds. 

For the raspberry ganache 


100g Leonce Blanc raspberry fruit puree

20g Trimoline

110g Republica del Cacao ecuador dark chocolate (65%)

30g butter 

To assemble


Chocolate disc 

Fresh raspberries 


Spread the chocolate on a baking paper.

Cut out 5cm rounds.

Melt the couverture chocolate.

Make the chocolate ganache by heating the raspberry puree with the trimoline add into the melted chocolate followed by the infused tea butter. 

Make the chocolate mousse by adding semi whip cream into the melted chocolate. Temperature of the chocolate should be 35°C to 40°C.

Mix well to make a smooth chocolate mousse. 

Make the chocolate sponge by sifting the flour, ground almond cocoa powder. Whip the eggs whites and sugar to a meringue. 

Place the dry ingredients into the meringue.

Mix well and spread on the slip at and bake at 230°C for 8 minutes.

When cool cut out 5cm disc.

Pipe into muffin flexiplan moulds. Put the cut chocolate sponge on top of the mousse. Place in blast freezer.

Place on wire racks and cover with the chocolate glaze.

Place the ingredients into the ice cream maker and churn.

Pipe the chocolate raspberry ganache on the top of the chocolate mint cookie. 

Garnish with fresh raspberries and a chocolate disc. 

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