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Braised flank of beef

Braised flank of beef

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A classic dish that is perfect for Father's Day.


60g Essential Cuisine beef glace

1½kg Diced flank of beef

1tbsp Dried mixed herbs

375g Peeled and chopped onion

375g Peeled and diced carrot

375g Peeled and diced King Edward potato

375g Diced leek

250ml Red wine

2litres Essential Cuisine beef demi glace

Good twist of freshly ground pepper

Sea salt season to your taste


Preheat your water bath to 90°c.

Mix the Essential Cuisine beef glace into the diced beef and marinade for 30 minutes.

Stir in the dried herbs, onion, carrot, potato and leek and mix thoroughly.

Reduce the red wine by two thirds in a suitable pan, add to the Essential Cuisine beef demi glace and stir well, season to your taste with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Put one third of the beef and vegetable mix at a time into a suitably sized vacuum packing bag.

Pour in 700ml of the Essential Cuisine beef demi glace and mix through the beef and vegetables.

Seal in the vacuum packing machine.

Repeat with the rest of the mixture.

Cook in the water bath for 4 hours or until the beef and vegetables are tender, remove from the bags and adjust the seasoning.

Your braised flank of beef is now ready to serve, or blast chill in the bags and refrigerate for up to 18 days

Recipe courtesy of Essential Cuisine

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