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Choc on!

Choc on!

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Chocolate soft serve set to be an industry game changer

When it comes to chocolate soft serve, we’ve got our competitors licked!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we have succeeded where many others failed before and have created a delicious recipe for a UHT chocolate soft serve, the first of its kind in the UK, which is set to take the ice cream sector by storm. The popularity of premium soft serve is on the increase and award-winning ice cream brand Jersey Dairy, have been trying to develop chocolate soft serve for some time. As the UK’s leading independent chocolate supplier, we were the obvious people to ask for help, and we’re thrilled to say that our very own resident inventor extraordinaire, Steve Carrigan, was able to develop a stunning recipe which took everyone’s breath away.

Recipe for success

It’s quite the chemistry lesson but, fortunately, not something our customers need worry about because they can access this exciting new product innovation exclusively from Henley Bridge.

The new product is made from a secret blend of Belcolade cocoa mass and deZaan cocoa powder (both part of the Henley Bridge stable), Jersey milk and Jersey cream.

Steve explains: “I’ve worked with the Belcolade chocolate and deZaan cocoa powder for some time now and both are absolutely fantastic products. The brief for this chocolate soft serve was to produce a premium product and you need premium ingredients in order to achieve that. The quality and provenance of Jersey cream and milk speaks for itself so combining that with top-of-the-range chocolate meant we were on to a winner".

The difficulty comes in identifying the right combination of ingredients, continues Steve. “To make a soft mix work you need the right amount of fat to create the correct level of viscosity. If it’s too thick, it won’t go through the soft serve machine.

“Cocoa mass is high in solids and cocoa powder is high in fat and solids, so it was a big challenge to overcome. As soon as you add them at room temperature, the mixture wants to set again and won’t go through the machine. You’ve also got to get the correct percentage of sugar and stabiliser.” After weeks of recipe development, Steve cracked the code and Jersey Dairy UHT chocolate soft serve was born.

Double delight

As well as being able to serve a single-serve of chocolate soft serve, operators with a twin tank machine will also be able to offer vanilla and chocolate swirls, opening up a whole new world of serving opportunities.

Cream of the crop

Jersey Dairy UHT chocolate soft serve is now in production and a whole raft of high-profile customers are already queuing up to get their hands on it. Available in a 1 litre tetrapak, you simply cut the top off and put it into your machine.

Exclusive to Henley Bridge

In recognition of our recipe innovation and expertise, Jersey Dairy has given us 12 months exclusivity on its UHT chocolate soft serve.

“We are delighted to be joining forces with Henley Bridge to launch this exciting new ice cream which is full of chocolatey richness. Steve Carrigan of Henley Bridge has created a special recipe which combines the Luxury Softmix ice cream made from the milk of our pedigree Jersey cows with supreme quality cocoa to create the crème de la crème of chocolate ice creams.” David Ashton UK Manager, Jersey Dairy.

Contact your Henley Bridge Business Development Manager for more details.

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