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Flaming fabulous!

Flaming fabulous!

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Make sure everyone remembers the 5th of November for your fantastic frozen creations. This eye-catching ‘Poison apple’ on a stick and mind-bending gelato hot dog will guarantee you’re the ‘hottest’ vendor in town. 

Poison apple


1500g white base mix (see recipe below)

90g Irca joypaste green apple flavour paste

200g Rubicone cremini caramel flavour paste

500g Irca mirror shine strawberry glaze

500g Irca mirror shine toffee glaze

1 packet toffee apple sticks


Mix the green apple paste into the white mix and then scrape into a piping bag.

Take your silicon apple moulds and pipe a small amount of mix into the mould (about half full) then, with a teaspoon, push the mix around the mould to remove air pockets and create a well in the mix.

Fill a separate piping bag with the salted caramel cream and pipe a blob into the well of each of the moulds.

Carefully top the moulds up with the apple gelato mix taking care to go around the caramel so it stays as a core to the apple, push a toffee apple stick into the bottom of the apple, then put into the blast freezer for 40 minutes.

When hard, remove the apples from the mould and place on a tray, then return to the blast freezer for 20 minutes. 

Place the finished pan into the display cabinet. 



Heat the glaze to between 45°-50°C (details of how to use mirror glazes can be found on the website).

Pour the mirror glaze into a bowl and dip the hardened apples into the glaze to cover the apple and put onto baking paper on a tray and return to the blast freezer to set.

Once set, remove and put some into the display cabinet and put the others into the storage freezer if serving as take away.

When served to your customer you can add sauce or sprinkles if required or just left plain works very well.

Gelato hot dog


500g white base mix

50g Rubicone cherry flavour paste

100g Sosa crispy passion fruit pieces

20g Irca joytopping ice cream topping sauce – amarena cherry flavour

20g Rubicone ice cream topping sauce – mango flavour

6 brioche finger rolls


Blend the cherry paste into the white base mix until fully mixed.

Pour into the batch freezer and select your regular gelato program.

When ready, extract into a bowl and spoon into finger shaped moulds using a teaspoon to push the mixture into the mould.

Level the mould and place into the blast freezer for 30 minutes.

Remove from the blast freezer, de-mould and place on tray.

Cut the brioche if not pre-cut and place the frozen gelato into the brioche to resemble a sausage.



Squeeze each of the topping sauces in a wavy line to resemble tomato sauce and mustard then sprinkle the passion fruit crispys to mimic fried onions.

 White base


1030g milk (1 litre) (3.5% fat)

160g double cream (48% fat)

55g skimmed milk powder

210g Sucranna granulated sugar

22g dextrose monohydrate

50g Glucodry 385 spray dried glucose syrup

4g Rubicone Neutro AU


To calculate how much mix you require, for example multiply all elements/ ingredients by 42 to make 60 litres of finished mix, or multiply all elements/ ingredients by 21 to make 30 litres of finished mix.

Start by mixing all the dry ingredients together. This prevents the skimmed milk powder from forming lumps as you add it to the milk.

Start with the milk in the pasteuriser, select your desired pasteurisation program (we have used the low pasteurisation at 65˚C).

Once your milk reaches 40˚C, gradually add all the dry ingredients.

Once the mixture reaches 50˚C, add the cream. Now the pasteuriser will run its program, taking the mixture up to 65˚C, then holding it at 65˚C for 30 minutes, then rapidly cooling the mixture to 4˚C.

Once the mixture has reached 4˚C, allow the mixture to age for between 4 and 12 hours, the latter being preferred for best results. 

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