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Chocolate cherry bomb gelato cake

Chocolate cherry bomb gelato cake

If you're looking to provide theatre on Christmas dessert menus this year, then this grown up dessert is guaranteed to deliver. They can be made well in advance of the festive season and stored in the freezer. 


500ml White base

200g 70% Belcolade Dark Chocolate

25g Sosa Dextrose

500ml Double cream

Irca Joyfruit Cherry

Irca Chocolate Mirror Glaze 


Whisk up your double cream in a pastry mixer, to soft peak and remove from the mixing bowl.

Warm up the white base, melt the chocolate and blend together with the dextrose.

Batch freeze your chocolate gelato, then place this into the mixing bowl and whisk until the gelato sticks to the side of the bowl.

Now add in your whipped cream and whisk until it is all blended together.

Pour this mixture into your mould.

In order to make a void for the cherry filling, wrap a sphere dish in cling film and place this into the chocolate cake mix and freeze.

Once frozen remove the sphere dish to reveal your void.

Fill this void with Joyfruit cherry and place a chocolate sponge base onto the bottom of the cake and freeze.

To finish, cover with Chocolate Mirror Glaze.


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