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Chocolate souffle

Chocolate souffle

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Making a souffle doesn't have to be impossibly hard and this easy to make recipe is a must for any chocolate lover. These chocolatey melt-in-the-mouth souffles are dark and intense in flavour, yet light as a feather and silky in texture.


250g water
25g Sosa pro souffle
100g Belcolade ecuadorian dark chocolate (71%) buttons
10g deZaan carbon black cocoa powder (10 – 12% fat)
80g caster sugar


Melt the chocolate and keep at 48ºc.
Separately, add water and prosouffle to the KitchenAid bowl and mix together.
Place the bowl onto the kitchen aid with the whisk attachment and whisk to a meringue adding the sugar in three stages.
Add the cocoa to the melted chocolate.
Preheat the oven to 130ºc-150ºc. powder
Add half of the meringue to the chocolate mixture and stir vigorously with a whisk, achieving a texture of gingerbread dough.
Add the second half of the meringue carefully integrating with a silicone spatula.
Transfer the mixture to a piping bag.
Grease the mould with release agent. It is very important that the mould is round and with straight walls so that the souffle rises evenly.
Fill the moulds completely with the mixture.
Flatten the surface with a palette knife until flat.
Clean the edges with paper so that the souffle rises regularly.
Bake for about 6 minutes until the souffle has risen.
Serve immediately.


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