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Easter eggnog nest

Easter eggnog nest

Eggnog is traditionally a festive seasonal drink, but this flavour gives a decadent element to desserts, cakes and patisserie and can be used all year round.  This Easter eggnog recipe will give your customers an unforgettable experience.

Crispy praline base


900g praline

100g hazelnut paste

70g Belcolade dark chocolate 55% buttons

200g Belcolade milk chocolate 34% buttons

20g Belcolade cocoa butter

50g feuiletine

50g mini rice puffs

2g seasalt


Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter and mix with all the ingredients and temper the whole at 24°C.

Pour the filling into a frame of 12mm high pre-coated with tempered Belcolade milk chocolate.

Leave the praline to crystallise.

Cut with the guitar small bars 12 cm long and 3.5 cm wide.

Enrobe with tempered Belcolade milk chocolate and decorate with small strips of chocolate to create a bird nest.

Put the eggnog chocolate eggs in the centre of the nest.

Eggnog eggs


100g egg yolks

175g sugar

175g concentrated milk

50g pure alcohol

25g Cointreau


Mix the egg yolks with the sugar and the concentrated milk.

Make a bain marie.

Heat up the mixture to 62°C.

Add the pure alcohol and the Cointreau.

Heat up until 80°C.

Pour eggnog in a closed container and leave to cool down.

Attention: Never heat up above a gas burner. Use an induction heater with a bain marie on top.

Eggnog filling


100g cream 35%

400g eggnog

350g Belcolade white chocolate 30% buttons

50g Belcolade cocoa butter 

50g butter


Heat up the cream to 85°C and add the Belcolade white chocolate and cocoa butter and mix until a ganache.

Add the eggnog and the soft butter.

Mix with an immersion blender.

When the ganache is at 28°C fill up pre-coated white chocolate easter eggs and leave to set for 12h at 16°C with a relative humidity level below 60%.

Close them and decorate with tempered coloured cocoa butter.

Recipe courtesy of Puratos

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