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Taste of the Orient

Taste of the Orient

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Shake up your gelato cabinets and embrace the flavours of the Orient to celebrate Chinese New Year.

In 2022, it falls on Tuesday 1st February and will be the Year of the Tiger.

Rice pudding and lychee


Rice pudding

500g white base mix (recipe below)

400g tinned rice pudding

50g dextrose monohydrate

Lychee spheres

250g Leonce Blanc lychee fruit puree

5g Sosa calcium lactate

3.5g Sosa gelepessa xanthan gum

5g Sosa alginate


Blend the rice pudding, white base mix and dextrose together until fully mixed then pour into the batch freezer.

When frozen extract into a pan and shape and place in the blast freezer to harden.



Make lychee pearls by adding the lychee puree to the calcium lactate and gelepessa and blend until smooth and fully mixed.

Allow to stand for 4 hours.

Pour the mixture into a sauce kitchen bottle and store in the fridge overnight.

The next day add 5g of alginate to 1 litre of water and mix well.

Fill a bowl with clean water and place it next to the bowl of alginate.

Using a teaspoon measure, dip into the alginate solution then squirt a level amount of the lychee into the spoon then lower slowly into the alginate, rotating the wrist to make sure the mixture comes out of the spoon.

As the ball rises to the surface make sure you ‘flick’ alginate over the top to seal the ball.

Coconut and mango


7000g white base mix (recipe below)

490g Rubicone coconut flavour paste with desiccated coconut

210g Irca Joyfruit mango flavour rippling sauce (variegato)

15g Sosa Home gourmet mango fruit and sauce 


Blend the coconut and white base mix together until smooth then pour into the batch freezer and select your usual gelato setting.



On extraction, add the mango joy fruit ripple and twist the spatula to create the ripple veins through the gelato.

Then shape the pan and place in the blast freezer to harden. When served you can add the Sosa mango sauce or fresh slices of mango with lime zest.

White base


1030g milk (1 litre) (3.5% Fat)
160g double cream (48% Fat)
55g skimmed milk powder
210g Sucranna granulated sugar
22g dextrose 
50g spray dried glucose
4g Rubicone neutro 5AU


To calculate the amount of mix you require, multiply all elements/ingredients by 42 to make 60 litres of finished mix, or multiply all elements/ingredients by 21 to make 30 litres of finished mix.

Start by mixing all the dry ingredients together, this prevents the skimmed milk powder from forming lumps as you add it to the milk. Start with the milk in the pasteuriser, select your desired pasteurisation program, we have used the low pasteurisation at 65˚C.

Once your milk reaches 40˚C, gradually add all the dry ingredients.

Once the mixture reaches 50˚C, add the cream. Let the pasteuriser run its program, taking the mixture up to 65˚C, then holding it at 65˚C for 30 minutes, then rapidly cooling the mixture to 4˚C. Once the mixture has reached 4˚C, allow the mixture to age for between 4 and 12 hours (12 hours being preferred for best results).

Top tip

Make sure the balls don’t touch while in the alginate.

After about a minute, remove the balls and place them in the clean water.

This will stop the setting process. These will then be ready to serve with your gelato

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